1 Select Your Validity Period

The first step of the process is to select the required validity date of your vignette. You can opt for the following vignette durations:

  • A weekly vignette
  • A monthly vignette
  • A yearly vignette

When you enter your required start and return date, we will suggest the most favourable vignette.

Please note that you need a vignette before you drive on Croatian toll roads. Not having a valid vignette will result in a fine.

2 Enter Your Vehicle Details

To activate your vignette, we require your country of registration and your license plate. We request you enter your license plate two times for verification purposes.

Double-check the entered details carefully. A vignette is only valid if you’ve selected the correct country of registration in combination with your license plate.

3 Pay & Drive

We aim to make the payment process as convenient as possible. You can pay with all major credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. Of course, you can also use PayPal and most local payment methods that are common across Europe.

Minutes after payment your vignette is issued. We need you to verify the vignette after activation. If you see any incorrect data on the e-vignette, please contact us immediately.